During the time of its operations Easytalk has acquired a range of important clients from all areas, and we greatly appreciate their partnership.


"Easytalk offered our hotel the opportunity to participate in a grant-based educational project. Easytalk conducted language courses in English and Italian for beginners and intermediate students and also offered our employees a chance to participate in Intercultural Management training. We were pleased to take advantage of their offering, because the courses in Ethno-Cultural Specifics have provided a great benefit to our employees." - Tereza Mattos, Front Office Manager


"We partnered with Easytalk, s.r.o. from 2006-2008 in the Project for Improving the Quality of Travel Professions in the areas of language and ethno-cultural specifics of visitors to Prague. As part of this project Easytalk, s.r.o. provided training in the Spanish language and organized lectures in ethno-cultural specifics. We considered our partnership to be professional and free of problems." - Eva Paulusová, HR Coordinator


"Easytalk provided language training in our hotels, namely English and Spanish language courses. Our hotel employees also attended Intercultural Specifics courses. We were very satisfied with the standard of all courses and we continue to use Easytalk's services on a commercial basis as well." - Renata Kubová, Training Manager


"Easytalk has been providing simultaneous interpreting for Czech Television for almost two years now. During that period over 400 assignments have been conducted. These consisted primarily of live broadcasts - press conferences, interviews, talk shows.
Easytalk's nonstop service, provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is a great advantage for our news service. This company has managed to deliver an interpreter under extremely tight timeframes and has provided interpreting to and from non-standard languages including Ukrainian, Greek, Arabic, and Hebrew.
The Czech Television news service is constantly on the move, and our requirements often change from minute to minute. Easytalk has been able to adapt to this tempo." - Bc. Daniel Juřička, Chief Producer of News and Sport for Czech Television


"Ebanka a. s. was very satisfied with the translations provided by Easytalk; the translations were delivered on time and to a very high professional standard." - Ing. Zorka Novotná, Director of ALM Division


"We've been collaborating with Easytalk s.r.o. for a long time and we have been exceptionally pleased with their services. Of all the services provided by Easytalk s.r.o. our company most often makes use of their translation services. Translations are always completed within the required timeframes, the texts are carefully edited, and the translation can therefore be used without any further editing. Not only are their express translations and certified translations an advantage, but their translations of technical texts are completed to a very high standard. I can only recommend Easytalk s.r.o." - Eva Waisserová, Legal Director


"Easytalk works accurately, quickly, and reliably, and that is exactly what we need from a translation agency so that we can focus on our work without distraction. It is the first agency for whom I am certain that I will pay only what is in the pricelist and nothing more." - Radek Polák


"We have been working with Easytalk for a long time and all the documents we've assigned the agency for translation have always been received within the requested timeframe and at an attractive price. We particularly appreciate the company's proactive approach and the supply of quality translators with language skills in the field of banking." Petra Vincencová, Head of Corporate Middle Office


"EASYTALK has been providing the Ministry of Health with training in English and French since 2009. The training takes place in individual and group courses under the tutelage of Czech and foreign instructors.
As part of the preparatory phase of the training, EASYTALK provides testing of the participants’ initial levels of knowledge, develops plans of study, and procures the necessary study materials. EASYTALK carries out ongoing testing to evaluate the quality of the instruction, monitors adherence to the plan of study and the educational progress of the participants.
The results of evaluations of satisfaction with the language training indicate that the instructors have adopted a flexible approach in relation to organizational changes as part of ongoing courses, and are capable of adapting the style of instruction to the individual needs of the participants and the topical focus of instruction to the current needs of the employer.
EASYTALK staff provides qualified instructors for the Ministry of Health whose language skills cover even very specific topical areas from the field of public administration, finance, law, the European Union, and medicine.
We value our cooperation with the EASYTALK team for their professionalism, reliability, accommodating approach, and constant effort to motivate students to better performance.
We wish EASYTALK much success in their future commercial activities, and ever more satisfied clients.” - Mgr. Ivo Beneda, Director of Human Resources


“We ordered our first translation from Easytalk s.r.o. in July 2002. Since then we have maintained a high quality and professional collaboration that meets all of our needs as regards quality of translations, deadlines and delivery, as well as acceptable pricing. Easytalk s.r.o. works with translators who can handle technical terminology and who provide a high level of quality in the resulting translations. We appreciate the personal approach both of their leadership and the individual staff members who arrange the translations." - Sabina Cabadová, Office Assistant/CRA & Mgr. Jan Balzer, Contract Specialist & Clinical Trial Specialist


“PBA International Prague s.r.o. has been working with Easytalk s.r.o. since 2012. Last year this agency provided us with a translation of project documentation for our ELI (Extreme Light Infrastructure) project financed by European Union funds, the construction of which is undergoing preparations in Dolní Břežany near Prague. This consisted of extensive translations of texts and system specifications for building equipment with a range of custom elements designed for this technically challenging structure.
The quality of the translations was of an excellent standard, and the text was perfectly understandable to all foreign ELI team members even despite the large number of technical terms and descriptions of complex building equipment systems, regardless of whether they were native speakers of people with a different native language than English.
In spite of the large scope of the texts and the many hundreds of pages, Easytalk s.r.o. always met the agreed deadlines for submitting the translations, which enabled us to stick to our overall schedule for submitting the project documentation and to maintain a positive relationship with our client.
Given our experience with their professional approach, we can recommend Easytalk s.r.o. to anyone who values good quality and professional presentation of their texts in the eyes of foreign customers.” Ing. Jan Bureš, Technical Director


“We hired EASYTALK, s.r.o on the basis of a recommendation. The reason was dissatisfaction with the quality of translations received by our current translation agency, among other reasons. Given the character of the activities of the Pioneer Investments group in the area of investing and capital markets, we need translation services who can handle these issues. EASYTALK, s.r.o. fulfills this criteria. The proof of this is in the fact that their translations are completed by translators who are specialized in this field and no extensive corrections or adaptation of the documents takes place from our side. Orders are met within the required timeframes. At the same time, the associated administrative agenda is managed for us in an advantageous manner. The translations completed for us by this company are of a financial, legal, and marketing character. They consist of translations both from the Czech language and other foreign languages, particularly English. This company also provides certified translations for us. We have been working with EASYTALK, s.r.o. now for 3 years." - Blanka Maroši - Senior Marketing Specialist


“Easytalk provides professional services for World Design Days in Prague - Designblok, including press conferences and Designblok gala opening ceremonies featuring notable international guests and politicians." - Mgr. Jana Semerádová, Director of Profil Media


“Easytalk provides professional services for World Design Days in Prague - Designblok, including press conferences and Designblok gala opening ceremonies featuring notable international guests and politicians." - Mgr. Jana Semerádová, Director of Profil Media


“We hereby confirm that Easytalk spol. s r.o., Žatecká 14, 110 00 Prague 1 has provided our organization with excellent services in the form of translations into all global languages to a professional standard for the past 5 years. To date, no work has been returned or rejected as part of our collaboration with this company.” - Romana Kulíšková, Central Purchasing


“We have been working with EASYTALK, s.r.o. for many years in the area of editing, translation, and subtitling of film and television programs in common and exotic languages to our absolute satisfaction. Their professional approach to their clients, very pleasant communication, veritably nonstop working hours, the enviable flexibility of their editors and translators, and the customization of their prices to the needs of the specific projects – all of this in relation to often unrealistic deadlines – is unrivalled in this field.” - Petr Čemus, Special Projects and Localization


“Since 2009 we have made use of Easytalk’s translation services, to our utmost satisfaction.
In 2015 we also took advantage of their new offering of audio post-production services. We recorded Czech and English voiceovers for our assignment with Easytalk.
The option to integrate recording of voiceovers with translation is an amazing service for us, which we will be sure to make use of next time.
We are pleased to cooperate with Easytalk for their accommodating approach, reliability, and their excellent flexibility with timeframes during film production!
All of this is a guarantee of their professionalism!” - Milos Krejcar / YOUNG FILM studio

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